A school for Anajô

Anajo conveys social values and supports families in emergancy. The idea of a new schoolbuilding is based on the concept „Education through capoeira“. At the moment there would be expensive spaces rented.


*Schulbau Stand 09/2016

Sustainability The school must be implemented with little financial resources. From a socio-cultural perspective, sustainability and paricipation is in the foreground. Social objectives were already developed by the minicipality and the closer environment of the school.


The construction oft he new building has already begun. It aims to provide experimental charakter. Through the use of ecological building materials from the region. It should be exemplary in place but also for Austria. A basic analysis on site technical implementation avtivities and materials was carried out in the course of developing the concept.


Financial Support

By the help of our long-standing projekt partner „crossing borders“ from Klaus Vorarlberg, the land Vorarlberg and by the team of Capoeira Vorarlberg the construction has already begun. More support we get from the Community Guarabira and the federal University  (UEPB Guarabira)


With the already collected donation amount, we Couleur acquire the land in october 2012.

The further  fundations are already done since summer 2016

„Crossing borders“ is a large part of this cost incorporated.

Nevertheless, we are dependent on further financial support.

For example donate or school sponsorships.

So that the operating costs are coverd after the completion of the building.