Sponsers, partners and friends

The concept corporate social responsibility (csr) means the voluntary contribution of society for a sustainable development. This ones goes over the legal requirement.

Csr stands for responsible corporate action in the actual buisness activity (market) over ökologic relevant aspects (environmental)  and the relationship of the employees. And also the Exchange of relevant claim and interest groups.


The following campains, partners and private people support Anajo.


We say thank you to all of you!



OMICRON electronics GmbH

Crossing Borders

A-86833 Klaus, http://crossing-borders.at/


Ansprechpartner: Bernd Marte



Ideal Capoeira Vorarlberg und Region

A-6830 Feldkirch, http://www.capoeiravorarlberg.com/


Prefeitura Municipal de Guarabira (Gemeinde Guarabira)

R. Antônio André Silva, n° 21

CEP: 58.200-000 - Guarabira (PB)

Brasil, http://www.guarabira.pb.gov.br/ 


Universidade Estadual da Paraíba (Staatliche Universität Paraíba)

Rod PB 075, 2001 - Zona Rural 

CEP: 58.200-000 - Guarabira (PB)

Brasilien, http://www.uepb.edu.br/


Landsteiner Elektrotechnik

A-6833 Klaus, http://www.landsteiner.at/