Help for self help

The children's found Anajo promotes help for self-help, that children and their familys could overcome poorness by their own power.


Sponsorships make strong children, gave courage and self confidence. So the Kids could create their own future and change it.

Often, education is the own way in poor countrys to escape the unemployment for a better Future.


 July visit Anajó


School Sponsor Julia visit Anajo in march 2012 together with her friend Philip.

That time she could make her own image about the children's fundation.


Support a child with a school sponsorship from abroad.

With a schoolsponsorship you help to found the school building and to cover operating costs. You gave this kids a  better future, education and a healthy diet by improved living conditions.

You will not only change the life of these kids, maybe it changes your own.. You can see the hapiness of thouse kids and how they grow and develop.


Triple help


By your help you not only support the building of the school and the work by the projekt, the family and the environment would be involved.